Sidar Sahin (Sid) is a Swiss-Kurdish photographer. 

Since he was 13 years old he was randomly capturing moments with a little point & shoot. But it’s only as a young adult that his passion for photography became more important. However, he studied Graphic Design which then allowed him to work for some of the most creative agencies and brands.

But that wasn’t enough. He needed more to bring emotion and tell stories. So he had to pursue his original passion for photography but this time with a clear direction. Sidar is a creative who uses whatever he needs to communicate his vision.

That’s why he successfully started his career in fashion and portrait photography because of his personality and his graphic design skills. People genuinely enjoy working with Sidar. He teamed up with several model agencies in London and worked with an awesome team of wardrobe Designer, Hair Stylist and Makeup Artist to build his portfolio.

Recently, his photography has been recognised in several competitions such as Master of Photography on SKY Arte (finalist) and Chromatic Awards (second).